How to make better decisions by asking the right questions.

Imagine, you were standing at the starting line of a race and you could choose between two vehicles: a Ferrari and a bicycle. What would you choose?

The Ferrari comes with 390 horsepower, 290 km/h max speed, it is fully…

Say good-bye to boring FMEA workshops by introducing proven ideation methods to your risk management workshops.

In my role as an innovation project manager and workshop facilitator I regularly facilitate not only ideation workshops but also risk assessment workshops such as FMEA sessions.

After some time I made a frustrating discovery: On the one hand people would happily accept my invitation to an ideation workshop or…

Are you constantly being distracted but you are still lacking inspiration?
Here is a simple principle to turn distraction into inspiration.

Let’s start with a little quiz to show that it is not that easy to tell the difference between inspiration and distraction.

Quiz: Is it inspiration or distraction?

  • Two…

How to make the future tangible with prototypes

Understanding means touching

As a child, we all heard the following sentence a thousand times “Look with your eyes — not with your hands!” Children want to touch everything with their hands in order to understand it.
We adults are not much different — we also want to understand and it helps us if…

6 Doping substances to boost your Design Sprints

Recently I walked past a shop window in Zurich with the question “Is doping used during Design Sprints?”

I liked the brain teasing part of that question and wrote down my list of (legal) doping agents that I use to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Design Sprints.

Doping substance…

Thomas Siegrist

I share my thoughts on innovation principles and methods — because early stage innovation is my passion and my job.

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