How to fill your innovation pipeline with sustainable innovations

How can you create sustainable innovations?
  1. Does it have a net positive impact on the well-being of all key stakeholders?
  2. Does it use all types of capital responsibly?
  3. Does it create inter-generational value?
  4. Does it fix a dysfunctional system (such as education, healthcare, food etc.)?

By turning these rating questions into “How Might We” Questions, they can easily be used to generate sustainable ideas.

“How Might We” Questions help you create sustainable ideas

  • Who are our main stakeholders?
  • How do we currently affect their well-being?
  • What resources and capital are we currently using?
  • What does “responsible use of capital” mean for us?
  • What inter-generational effects does our product or service currently have?
  • What dysfunctional systems are we currently living in?
  • etc.
Iteration1: Create sustainable ideas — Iteration 2: create sustainable innovations
  • How might we increase the net-wellbeing of stakeholder A?
  • How might we increase the net-wellbeing of stakeholder B?
  • How might we use resource A more responsibly?
  • How might we use resource B more responsibly?

The next step is to take these ideas through a second iteration: The desirable-viable-feasible-iteration.

Iteration 2: Ideate on Desirability, Feasibility and Viability

  • make this idea desirable?
  • make this idea feasible?
  • make this idea viable?



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Thomas Siegrist

Thomas Siegrist

I share my thoughts on innovation principles and methods — because early stage innovation is my passion and my job.